About Elfie

Hello! I’m Elfie. Wife, Mama, Nurse & (beginner watercolour artist).

I’ve always loved drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.  At school, I would sit and listen intently at story time, in awe of the magic that words can create.

Up until 2 years ago, I thought I wasn’t really that good at art and the thought of sharing any of my creative attempts with the world would make me laugh! As Henri Matisse once said: “Creativity takes courage”.

For many years, I have let my perfectionist side get the better of me. Working with watercolour has helped me challenge that trait, as it is not a medium to be totally controlled and manipulated, and of course that is the very beauty of its quality. Nothing is exact, or precise; it is so unpredictable and continues to provide unique opportunities and challenges. I love the transparency and romantic serendipitous nature of the way the paint behaves on the page. There really is nothing like it. This is likely the reason I enjoy painting the natural world so much as for me, it captures the power of imperfection; which is huge inspiration for me.

Following the hazy chaos of 2020 (& after riding the “Coronacoaster” a fair few times), I am not ashamed to say my mental health took a very strong hit. I found the courage to hold my hand up and say I was not okay. Following lots of support from my loved ones and our amazing NHS, I have now turned a corner; although the “black dog” does try to pull me back sometimes (look it up on YouTube – it’s an incredibly accurate visualisation of depression).

I decided it was time to prioritise me. Whether I thought I was “good” or not, I always found being creative helped to cheer me up – so I thought it was time to find my creative mindset that had seemed to have faded. I made a commitment to become kinder to myself and part of this was to prioritise me (as a Mother, and Macmillan Nurse by profession this doesn’t come naturally to me at all).

With a then 8 month old, I used my time on an evening (& sometimes during nap times) to practice. I watched hundreds of YouTube videos and Instagram stories in various different techniques and skills. Not only did I find it incredibly empowering to learn something new, I also find watching other people paint so therapeutic and relaxing. Creating art is a mindful activity and I love the way it encourages me to slow down, be patient and be expressive. My creations are still a work in progress and I can’t wait to build upon the skills I’ve picked up and of course learn new ones. Of course, over the past year there has been many paintings that have been a mess (!) but the good ones were attractive beyond technical success. I saw an authentic expression within them. I was finding my own voice in watercolour, in art.

To use G. K. Chesterton sums it up well: “At the back of our brains, so to speak, there was a forgotten blaze or burst of astonishment at our own existence. The object of the artistic and spiritual life was to dig for this submerged sunrise of wonder.” 

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